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You are wanting to send goods to relatives, friends, partners in Malaysia just fast, best price, ensure the safety, but ... you are wondering and anxious to find a reputable shipping place, quality. Understanding the rising demand of customers,

WORLDLINK-EXPRESS has met that need.

Come and feel the service at our company:


  • Work directly with the shipping company in Malaysia.
  • Connect with major airlines: AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Marlindo air

  • Commitment does not incur additional costs, procedures fast, compact, fast.

  • Ensure safety and fast customs clearance.

  • Arrive 6 flights from Monday to Saturday.

  • Clear advice, enthusiasm.
  • Keep track of items during transportation.

  • Free carton, donated carton

  • door to door shipping 

  • Support to receive goods in the province sent to the West bus station, the East, An Suong or the car, ...

  • Get paid for the remote (can transfer to Malaysia)

WORLDLINK-EXPRESS transports difficult items such as:

+ Drugs (medicine, medicine, medicine ...)

+ Functional foods, cosmetics ...     

+ Food: seasoning, soy sauce, fish sauce, cooking oil, dishwashing liquid + Handbags, shoes, clothes ...

+ Fruit, confectionery ...

+ Teddy bear, statues, cards, letters ...

 Inquiries about transportation to Malaysia.

Need to know more about the services of malaysia in our company, you, your company contact us through HOTLINES: 0903.135.966 to get support, free consultation for you about the service, explain Your inquiries about the schedule as well as the price of the shipment you need to send. And finally our company once again thank you, your company used the service of our company. Thank you sincerely.

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