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Switch to U.S. pharmacies

In the event that you need to send drugs to the United States or to countries Australia , please contact us for a reduced number of procedures in the Vietnam Customs before the goods out of Vietnam .

If the recipient is a company , we will transport to the receiving water . Your company please contact support with the courier company DHL , FedEx , TNT , UPS to carry out customs procedures and signed receipt . If the recipient is an individual inside the U.S. : Normally need an import license but if you use the service to send drugs to the United States in WLEXPRESS will not provide an import license if the pharmacy sent back from 1 - 2kg .

We will handle every situation to be able to meet all demands sent to America 's pharmacy hang.dem Guest satisfaction for every customer .


ĐỊA CHỈ: 6 Bis Thăng Long,Phường 4,Quận Tân Bình Tp,hcm

VPDD: kiot 5 tttm Amata,Biên Hòa,Đồng Nai

Điện Thoại: 028 38.426.188   Hotlines: 0903.135.966

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